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Facing Prosecution for a Motoring Offence?

McMillans Solicitors are specialist motoring and drink driving solicitors. We represent clients nationwide for every type of offence and offer an unmatched level of experience, expertise and client care. See our recent testimonials for details of recent success stories!

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Drink Driving Solicitors

Welcome to McMillans Solicitors. We are well-established as a leading legal firm specialising in motoring offences, and our drink driving solicitors have extensive experience of tackling even the most complex of cases. We fully understand that the loss of your driving licence may have devastating consequences particularly if you are self-employed or drive for a living. As such we guarantee to go through the paperwork with you in detail and fight to keep you on the road.

Motoring law is a very complex area of law and so it is essential that you are advised and represented by an expert.

Motoring Solicitors You Can Rely On

You may well be a generally law abiding individual who is just unfortunate enough to have fallen foul of the increasing number of speed traps or traffic regulations in this country or you may have misjudged the amount of alcohol in your system which often happens the morning after a night out. Whatever your situation please rest assured that we are here to help 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

All our cases are conducted personally by the firm’s principle solicitor Joe Happe or his colleague Joanna Life. Both Mr Happe and Ms Life have spent over a decade in attending police stations and courts on a daily basis in relation to every type of motoring offence and have an unrivalled reputation in relation to their knowledge, experience and communication skills.

Unlike many other so called ‘motoring offence firms’ we don’t need to routinely ‘brief’ cases out to inexperienced barristers or outside agents with all the extra cost that involves, and as such our overheads are kept low and these savings are passed on to you!

We promise to go through all the evidence in minute detail with you and advise you whether any real defences (we don’t call them loopholes) exist in your particular case. In every case the prosecution are required to introduce evidence in relation to every element of the offence and comply with complex procedures. It is surprising how often something is missed that can be taken advantage of. However unless you are advised by a real expert with years of experience you may be tempted to just admit the offence and take what is coming to you!

Representation from an Expert

Even if the case against you is completely watertight and you will be pleading guilty it is still crucial that you are represented by an expert motoring solicitor in order to minimise any fine or other sentence and maximise the chances of avoiding points or disqualification.

Due to the experience, knowledge and communication skills of our solicitors we are more than happy to offer a full no quibble money back promise in relation to your first office appointment as well as free initial advice over the telephone.

We are here to help day or night 365 days a year and you will always be advised by an experienced motoring solicitor never a trainee, secretary or receptionist.

You have absolutely nothing to lose by picking up the phone; however you risk losing your licence if you don’t! Contact our motoring offence and drink driving solicitors today for more details.

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With the government slashing the legal aid budget and legal aid solicitors going on strike you may wish to think very carefully before applying for legal aid. We don’t believe you can provide a quality service under legal aid which is why we refuse to get involved in the government’s failing legal aid system. We can offer affordable private fixed fees for all our cases however

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